Our Services: We based at Ghaziabad and our popular services are as below.


                      Horoscope Making                      Horoscope Matching                    Horoscope Reading

                      Gemstone Consultancy               Family Problems                          Health Problems

                      Mantra Jap                                  Kalsarp Dosh Nivaran                  Mangal Dosha Nivaran

                      Grahan Dosh Nivaran                 Marriage Problems                       Child Birth Problem                                      


Horoscope Making: We provide computerized horoscope for a new born infant and other age people as well as per the requirement of the customer. We need accurate date of birth, date of time and birth place for making an accurate horoscope. We send horoscope by post or courier as well but in that case you need to pay courier or print charges additional.



Horoscope Matching:  Horoscope Matching is nothing but a compatibility analysis of a couple before marriage, so that the couple can happily enjoy their lives. It is very old tradition in India. Now day’s people use software for matching horoscope by their own but it is might not correct every time for better results always consult an astrologer.



Horoscope Reading: We read horoscope and provide solutions and remedies as per the customer need. We suggest very simple and effective remedies so our clients can get benefitted as soon as possible. We are astrologer based in Vasundhara Ghaziabad but we also provide astrology consultancy over phone as well. We have clients all over India.



Gemstone Consultancy: We suggest different gemstone for different planets as per your horoscope’s planetary positions so that our customer can get maximum benefit from. If you wear a right stone it can give you heights in your life while wearing a wrong gemstone can make life full of trouble. You can contact us for selecting a gemstone for your life.



Family Problems: We also provide astrological consultancy and remedies for relationship problems. Our remedies are very effective in solving family problems and we have several numbers of clients who are already happy with their families with the help of our remedies.



 Health Problems: MostHealth problems can be treated medically now days but astrology can also help to reduce health problems. Making strong a particular planet can give relieve from many health problems but it depends on particulars horoscope.



Mantra Jap: Mantra jap is a powerful tool described in Indian astrology, it is very helpful to activate or deactivate a planet’s effect. It always gives positivity. We also perform Mantra Chanting for our customers as per their need and demand. It is the most often used in ancient India but very few number of people used this technique to reduce their problems.   



Kalsarp Dosh Nivaran: If the planetary position of all planets in any horoscope lies between Rahu and Ketu then this condition is treated as Kalsarp Dosh in Horoscope. This is very dangerous as it reduce the power of all planets and the planets become unable to provide positive results as a result of this Dosha people get only failure in life.  By Chanting Special Mantra Jaap You can get rid from this Dosha.



Mangal Dosha Nivaran: Mangal means Mars in Horoscope. If Mangal present in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in a horoscope then it is believed that the horoscope is having Mangal Dosh. We check the planetary position of Mangal and suggest remedies for Mangal Dosh Removal.